Sunday, October 17, 2010

Civilization V


Tom Scholes said...

finally fucking updated.

Josh told me to post that after I said it when he sent me a link.

Anyhow, yay~!

Joshua James said...

THAT lying b@st@rd!

Koshime said...

Some amazing stuff indeed man. Loved the good stuff in game!

Jacob Smith said...

In Civ 5 the civilization leaders will even speak their native language. This just adds to the many other features that are making this game more and more realistic. Then AI, artificial Intelligence, in the game is superb as well. Leaders have their own distinct personalities that are determined by your "flavours". This makes playing with the historical leaders much more realistic and believable. Some famous leaders you can plan to encounter are; Augustus Caesar, Queen Elizabeth, George Washington, Hiawatha and even Ramesses II from Egypt. Each unit has unique abilities, building capabilities, and some units have optional second or third units.

Civilization V